NEW! Postponed Date: Saturday, January 16, 2021

Location: River Falls High School

818 Cemetery Rd.

River Falls, WI 54022



  • There will be no fans allowed into the competition
    • A free livestream link would be available to all teams.
  • No concessions
    • Contactless, curbside pickup of boxed lunches and snack packs will be available for pre-order, must be eaten on the bus, no food allowed in the school, will not be available for purchase the day of. A link to pre-order lunches will be sent out after registration.
  • Block schedule:
    • At the most, four schools would be allowed in the building at one time (this is the same as WACPC will be allowing).  They will have their own locker room where they will remain until they perform. When done, they would go back to locker room and change for their next performance. When all four schools have done their complete repertoire of dances, they would go home. Locker rooms would be cleaned between blocks.
  • Everyone must be masked at all times
  • All WACPC COVID-19 Mitigation rules will be followed.
  • Awards ceremony will be on the live stream. Awards will be mailed to teams afterward.
  • COVID Cancellation Policy- No checks will be cashed until the competition happens. If we are shut down or have to cancel a date, we will do our best to reschedule the event to a future date. In that instance the checks would be kept and would apply to the later date. If that date doesn't work for a team and they have to drop out, it would then be returned to the team. Any pre-ordered apparel is non-refundable and would be delivered or mailed to teams (or saved and handed out to the team at the rescheduled date). Any individual teams who are not able to attend last minute due to COVID-19 (with documentation from their AD) would be given the opportunity to compete in the virtual category. If that is not possible, or we have to cancel the whole event due to COVID-19, no checks would be cashed and they would all be sent back to the teams.

*If your team has any additional precautions you need us to follow, please email us a [email protected] and we will see if we can make it happen!


Approximate Schedule:

  • 7:30 AM Doors Open for Block 1 Teams
  • 8:00 AM Competition Begins
  • ~ 5:00-5:30 PM- Awards



Team Routines: $25 per dancer (no fee for additional routines, livestream access sent out to teams for free!)

Solos & Ensembles: $20 per dancer (Solos: $20, Duet: 40 total, etc)

Ensembles are defined as 2-4 dancers.

Please send checks in time to be received by Jan. 11th, 2021 or let us know if you need to make alternate arrangements!


All teams must have the Wildcat Invite Medical Release form on file with us in order to compete in the event. These will be emailed out to coaches after you register!

Apparel Pre-Order Link:

  • We will again be having an online apparel store. The online store will be open through Jan. 6th.
  • NO apparel will be available the day of the competition, so order ahead!
  • All items are required to enter their team name for any items they order. This is just for our sorting purposes, team names entered in that field will not be put on the apparel. If you want your team name on your apparel you will need to also enter that in the Personalization field.
  • If anyone wants their name, team name or a nickname put on the apparel, they should enter it in the "Personalization" line.
  • You will recieve your order no matter what, if your team has to drop or the event has to cancel, we will deliver your apparel to you/your team.


Final scores will be decided by a panel of judges. The same panel of judges will score all of the routines in each division. Solos will be judged by the WACPC All-State score sheets, a similar score sheet. will be used for ensembles. Team routines will be judged by the WACPC score sheets. Judges' decisions are final. Coaches will be emailed a scan of all score sheets as well as overall tallies at the end of the day after awards.

Divisions: Varsity, JV, Middle School, Exhibition*

At this time the competition has been limited by our school administration to school groups only.

*EXHIBITION: For teams who maybe are limited in their practicing or getting a late start, but would still like the opportunity to perform in front of judges, they can elect to have one, some or all routines be an EXHIBITION performance. Exhibition routines will be given scoresheets from judges with scores and comments, and be elligible for the fun judges choice awards. They will not receive overall tally sheets for that category, or be elligible for the regular placement trophies/medals. If you would like to register one or more routines as exhibition, please indicate that at the time of registration ("Varsity Pom, Exhibition Varsity Jazz" or "Exhibition Duet with Leah M" etc). Let us know if you have any questions about this option!

***If we have enough teams in a category, we may divide them into small and large, based on enrollment.***


Team Categories: Jazz, Kick, Pom, Hip Hop

Specialty Categories: Solos & Ensembles


Team Awards will be given to the top half of entries that scored the highest in each style within their division, up to 5 awards:

  • 9+: 1st-5th places will be awarded

  • 7-8: 1st-4th places will be awarded

  • 5-6: 1st, 2nd & 3rd place will be awarded

  • 3-4 entries in a category: 1st and 2nd place will be awarded

  • 1-2 entries in a category: 1st place will be awarded

Solo & Ensemble Awards:

  • Top 1/2 of solos will be recognized

  • 1st through 3rd place will be given a medal



Email us at: [email protected]!